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Critics Reviews

A moody-foodie therapy session that follows an increasingly tidy narrative recipe as it sets this one-man kitchen nightmare on a long road to redemption.    – Justin Chang· Variety

What follows is is a decently structured story of personal demons and culinary competition.   –  Neil Genzlinger – York Times

Burnt Official TrailerIt’s a recipe for cinematic indigestion.  – Peter Travers – Rolling Stone

Burnt fails as a character study, but thrives when bringing the fast-moving world of professional chefs to cinematic life.   –  Sandy Schaefer  – Screen Rant

Burnt is just about the toniest movie anyone could make about a recovering junkie throwing tantrums and lobbing pots and pans at people. – Ignatiy Vishnevetsky – A.V. Club

Adam’s disdain for seared tuna may do for the ubiquitous dish what “Sideways” did to Merlot.  –  Stephanie Merry –  Washington Post

There are too many fumbles, too many missteps, and the most interesting bits of the film are swept off the cutting board and into the trash. – Brent McKnight  –  Cinemablend

A great message, but one that’s ultimately, um, OK, burnt by the crass content baked into this R-rated recipe.  – Adam R. Holz  – Plugged In

Behind the Scenes

Release date: October 30, 2015 (USA)
Director: John Wells
Screenplay: Steven Knight
Music composed by: Rob Simonsen
Distributor: The Weinstein Company



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