Culinary Industry News February 2015

Culinary Industry News in February 2015

Looking at some of the news this month of February in the culinary industry, here is what we have been reading.

Culinary arts gets a makeover in Kansas City Public Schools

When she takes in the stainless-steel shine of the Kansas City Public Schools’ new culinary arts kitchen and its stylish restaurant, it’s hard to imagine a better way to find out.

The $1.6 million upgrade unveiled late last month, like other career and technical education programs in Kansas City and other districts, aims to keep students from spinning their wheels while sorting through life choices.

By Joe Robertson – The Kansas City Star – 02/10/2015            To read the full article

This Charming Poet-Chef Will Cook The Hell Out Of Your Bacon

Evan Hanczor landed in New York with many passions but no plan. He was a voracious reader and poet. He enjoyed academic research and was preparing to apply for a Fulbright. And he’d discovered, almost by accident, a talent for cooking.

Hanczor had decided to explore food as a career but his first New York cooking job didn’t work out. “There was little interest in where the food was coming from,” he said. “The foundation of the restaurant was not something I really connected to.”

By Nico Pitney – The Huffington Post – 02-13-15         To read the full article

Meet The Hipster Chocolateers Who Will Save Your Valentine’s Day

Impress loved ones or treat yourself to a bar or truffle from America’s most original, independent chocolate-makers.

This weekend, couples will cozy up tableside throughout the world to enjoy a romantic night out in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Overpriced flowers will be delivered by the masses as jewelry rapidly disappears from behind display cases. And, of course, chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. And that goes for singles too.

By Justin Jones – The Daily Beast To read the full article