Jamon Iberico – Spanish Cured Ham

Jamon Iberico - Spanish ham

What Is Jamon Iberico and Why Is This Spanish Cured Ham So Expensive?

It is important for culinary students to learn about the incredible variety of ingredients available to them and may be asked to work with throughout their careers. One such product is Jamon Iberico, a Spanish cured ham that can cost up to $195 per pound.

We found this informative video from The Daily that explains where Jamon Iberico comes from, how it is produced, how to handle it and how to serve it.

How to Slice a Whole Jamón

Now that you know a lot more about these special Spanish cured hams, it’s important to know how to slice them. It is critically important that these hams are sliced the right way and this video describes the proper procedure.

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