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Aug 08

The New USDA Food “Pyramid”: What it Means for Culinary Students


With the new USDA food plate, this might become a little bit more of a challenge. For some types of restaurants, there is simply no way to emulate the food plate stetting, which compartmentalizes foods and food types into separate sections of the plate.

Dec 29

What is a Food Activist?


Food activism is a growing trend that puts the spotlight on our food sources and demonstrates just how detrimental the mass production of food can be. It is the process by which we learn more about where food comes from and what it takes to bring it to the modern consumer.

Dec 22

What Is a Certified Dietary Manager?

Hospitality Careers for Older Workers

Ideal for those who want a culinary education with a strong foundation in science, this is one of the few careers that makes culinary school a very practical choice.