Where Do Cranberries Come From

How Are Cranberries Grown & Harvested?

Did you ever wonder how cranberries are grown and then how are they harvested? And what’s the difference between dry picked cranberries and wet pick ones?

We’ve put together this array of videos showing most of the aspects of cranberry production that we think you will find interesting.

How Cranberries Are Planted

Let’s Look at a Dry Cranberry Harvest

Did you know that only 10% of cranberries are harvested this way? The first part of this video shows you how cranberries are dry harvested and the second part shows wet harvesting.

Now Let’s Look at Another Video Showing How Cranberries Are Harvested Wet

90% of cranberries are wet harvested when the bogs are flooded with water to make them easier to pick. This video shows you how this process is done.


How Cranberries Are Packaged and Shipped

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