Duck Stock


This premium roasted duck stock is reduced to a glace in the hand-made traditions of the finest French classics. More Than Gourmet’s insistence on exacting preparation in the old-world style of the French classics has created a stock that delivers pure, intense taste and texture.

Glace de Canard Gold adds deep flavor and rich, roasted color to your favorite dishes, providing an elegant finishing accent to boost the flavor of your grandest sauces. Its consistent quality and all-natural ingredients bring your dishes a special, smooth taste and flavor.


How to Purchase Restaurant Quality Duck Stock

Until now, classic duck was unavailable to home cooks unless they prepared it themselves or settled for a commercial brand loaded with m.s.g. and other chemicals. For years we suggested you purchase these products from a favorite gourmet web site but now that Amazon is stocking this product at prices 35% less, we suggest you buy them here:



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(Glace de Canard Gold)

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Reconstitution Breakdown

1 lb. (16 oz.) Container makes approximately 2-2/3 gallons of classic duck stock

1-1/2 ounce puck makes approximately 4 cups of classic duck stock


Inspected Duck Stock, Chicken Stock, Mirepoix (carrot, onion, and celery stocks), Duck Fat, Salt, Gelatin, Tomato Paste, White Wine, Sherry, Chicken Meat, Water, Natural Flavors, Spices, Chicken Fat and Garlic Extract.

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