Capers in Salt

"Capers from around the globe"

capers in saltCapers, which are the buds of a flowering perennial shrub, are native to the Mediterranean area and have been recorded to have been used back as far back as 3,000 BC. They are essential in some of our favorite Mediterranean recipes and some Italian classics like Veal Marsala.

After they are harvested, they are typically dried under the hot sun and placed in a brine to be pickled. They can be very expensive for the highest quality capers because of the cost of labor to pick them by hand.

Capers come in various sizes; the smallest about the size of a petite green pea are called nonpareil and comfrom the south of France. This variety is prized and are more expensive than the larger variety.

Don't confuse caper berries with capers although they are someimes marketed as the same. The larger caper berries are the fruits of the plant when the caper buds are left to mature. They don't have as much flavor as the young caper blossoms although they are often cured in vinegar and salt brine and eatean like olives.

How to Purchase Real Italian Capers in Salt


capers in salt capers in salt capers in salt





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