Demi Glace Gold

How do professional chefs make those velvety rich brown sauces served at your favorite restaurants?

demi glazeThe answer is demi glace used in all the great restaurants to make silky smooth, rich tasting brown sauces and now you can make these same sauces at home in less than 20 minutes.

Before now, you would have needed to go to a top culinary school to learn how to make this essential ingredient for preparing sauces. Now you can purchase professional quality demi-glace from the same sources top chefs buy from.

The trick is where to find a classic demi glace. We suggest if you have the time to make it yourself at home. It's a lot of work plus you have to come up with a bunch of beef and veal bones to roast and simmer, but the results are well worth the effort.

Here is a link to a classic Demi Glace recipe that you can make at home, but we think after you see how difficult and time consuming it is to make, you may want to look elsewhere. See below.....

What is Demi Glace Gold?

demi-glaceDemi-Glace Gold is a rich concentrated brown stock that is carefully reduced until it forms a deep meaty flavored glaze. This intensely flavored reduction is used as a base for producing wonderful, rich, velvety sauces and soups.

It is the base for dozens of classic and everyday sauces and is considered one of the 5 mother sauces. If you are going to make any classic brown sauce, you want to have a quality demi glace to start with.

Demi Glace Gold is used in some of the finest restaurant nationwide and is made using the same traditional methods defined by the the master of French cooking, Escoffier.


How You Can Purchase Demi-Glace Gold for Preparing Restaurant Quality Sauces at Home?

Until now, classic demi-glace was unavailable to home cooks unless they:

  •  Prepared it themselves
  •  Begged a professional chef for some
  •  Settled for a commercial brand loaded with m.s.g. and other chemicals

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New York Times

About Demi-Glace Gold® “A spoonful or two will enhance a sauce with a complex richness, alluring viscosity and lustrous sheen...If time is money, this product is worth every penny.”... Florence Fabricant, New York Times

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