Rendered Duck Fat

duck fatSoon to become a permanent staple in your kitchens, Graisse de Canard Gold is a classic rendered duck fat that is perfect for confits and general saut�s.

Its high flash point and lower cholesterol make Graisse de Canard Gold more versatile than simple butter or other cooking fats.

You can mix duck fat with blanched pounded garlic. It is known as Gascony butter and is used to flavour soups and cassoulet and can be spread onto croutons.

Mediterranean style vegetables such as peppers, eggplant and zucchini will take on a whole new flavour when roasted or grilled with duck fat and garlic cloves.

How to Purchase Rendered Duck Fat

Until now, classic rendered duck fat was unavailable to home cooks unless they:

  •  Prepared it themselves
  •  Begged a professional chef for some
  •  Settled for a commercial brand loaded with m.s.g. and other chemicals

Now Available at

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Recipes Featuring Graisse de Canard Gold




Reconstitution Breakdown & Prices

12 oz. Container makes 12 ounces of classic duck fat

1-1/2 ounce puck makes 1.5 ounces of classic duck fat

Graisse de Canard Gold� - 1.5 oz. (45g)


Rendered Duck Fat, Salt, Rosemary Extract, Lecithin. Product Contains Soybeans.


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