Ingredients Can Make A Difference

"If you want to prepare delicious food, "incredible" food, you absolutely must start with the right ingredients. And, without a doubt, that includes homemade stock. " - Chef Jean-Pierre Brehier

cooking ingredientsWe believe the difference between a good meal and a great meal has a lot to do with the ingredients involved. For most home cooks, some of these ingredients are difficult to prepare and even harder to find. For example, how to make demi-glace from scratch is one of the first lessons for most culinary school students but to prepare it at home is a long and difficult process. Now there are several commercial demi glace products on the market ranging in price.

Here are some of our favorite ingredients for preparing sauces and restaurant quality meals. For many of the stock reductions we offer you a recipe if you want to make them at home plus some commercial alternatives if you don't. Although we are still big fans of More Than Gourmet's line of demi and stock reductions, we wanted to provide you with some alternative sources that are quality products but are not as expensive.

We also include some of our other favorite cooking ingredients with sources to purchase them online. GatewayGourmet is continuously looking for the best commercial products available and will post them as we find them. If you know of a product that fits this description, please let us know about it.

Demi Glace & Classic Stock Reductions

Demi-Glace an intensely flavored brown stock made from roasted veal bones and used by professional chefs to prepare elegant finished sauces.

Lamb Stock

Veal Demi Glace

Veal Stock

Venison Stock



Roasted Chicken Stock (Glace de Poulet) made from roasted chicken bones that provides pure, intense flavor when used to enhance finished sauces or when deglazing directly in a roasting or saute pan.

Chicken Demi Glace

White Chicken Stock

Duck Stock

Duck Fat

Turkey Stock



Fish Stock - made from the bones and trimmings of a variety of white fish with white wine and aromatics, it is delicately simmered.

Lobster Stock - a key ingredient for preparing seafood sauces, bisques, chowders made from lobster shells and vegetables.



Vegetarian Stock

Vegetarian Demi Glace



Oil & Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Balsamic Vinegar



Other Gourmet Ingredients

Capers - used in some of your favorite dishes including veal with lemon and capers, capers are the buds of a flowering shrub and can really change the flavor of your recipes.

Sea Salts

Stonewall Kitchens Jams and Jelly

Wild Mushrooms


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