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Start Your Culinary Education in Roseville, MIichigan

Largely considered to be a suburb of Detroit, Roseville, MI is a great place to live if you're thinking about a career in Culinary Arts. Located in the heart of Roseville, Dorsey Schools is a leader in culinary arts training and education.

Attending culinary arts school is a great step forward in your career, and you've probably got some questions. Is there scholarship money available? How long will it take? Where do I start? Let us help you fill in the blanks to any questions you might have.

If you are interested in attending culinary arts school at Dorsey Schools we recommend you look at the information below and see if this school is the right fit. If it is, click on the "Request School Info" button, fill out the short questionnaire and a representative from the school will contact you to answer any additional questions about the school, costs, financial aid and how to apply.


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About Dorsey Schools

An institution with a long history of providing innovative education to students, Dorsey School was founded in 1934 by Ruth Dorsey. Originally opened as a school to address the growing need for comptometer operators, Dorsey School in Roseville is one of five campuses located in and around the metro Detroit area.

While the school has come a long way from it's early days, a few things still hold true. Dorsey Schools is committed to providing students with career opportunities via training on advanced technology and certification programs in some of the fastest-growing job fields. A great place to attend school, Dorsey School offers programs in legal, computer, business, medical and culinary arts.

Cooking School Students in Roseville, MI

About the Culinary Arts Program 

Designed to provide graduates with a strong foundation in culinary skills, the Culinary Arts program at Dorsey College is available in an accelerated 48-week format. With externships available, this program is a great way to learn the skills you'll need in order to work in the exciting field of culinary arts.

Training includes sanitation, healthy cooking, knife handling, and complex cooking techniques, and takes place on industry-standard equipment. Using and learning culinary terminology, students will also study international cooking techniques, catering, and regional cooking techniques as they learn to prepare buffets, a la carte meals, and banquets in a real-world setting. Upon graduation, students may seek employment as a baker, short-order cook, sous chef, hot line cook, food prep cook, garde manager, pantry supervisor, or rounds cook.


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Dorsey Schools is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools to award diplomas.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Interested students should contact the financial aid office for assistance and eligibility requirements.

Faculty and Facilities

Located at 31542 Gratiot in Roseville, Dorsey Schools is home to a faculty and staff that are committed to instilling confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and self-reliance in all graduates. Members of the community in which they teach, the faculty at Dorsey Schools is geared towards finding students career opportunities in their desired fields. The Career Services department at Dorsey School can receive career placement assistance from the school at no charge.

Going to School in Roseville (Detroit), MI

A suburb of Detroit, students of Dorsey School in Roseville, MI enjoy all the amenities that come with leaving in close proximity to a major metropolitan area. Numerous restaurants, hotels, and a booming tourism industry means that graduates of Dorsey Schools will have a wealth of opportunity at their fingertips.

Detroit encompasses over 140 square miles and the highest elevation is at the University District at 670 feet above sea level. Its climate is greatly influenced by the Great Lakes and are cold in the winter but quite pleasant in the summer.

The hometown of such world famous singers as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Bob Seger, Eminem, the Winans, and Kid Rock, Detroit is teeming with clubs, bars and concert venues that spotlight homegrown talent as well as national and international stars.

Sports are also big in Detroit. They host teams in four major sports leagues including the Detroit Tigers in Major League Baseball, the Detroit Lions in the National Football League, the Detroit Pistons in the National Basketball Association, and the Detroit Red Wings in the National Hockey League. Any season of the year, if you're a sports fan you can take in a game at Comerica Park, Ford Field, Joe Louis Arena or The Palace.

More Information

If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to find out more, please request information from Dorsey Schools - Roseville (Detroit), MI.

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Roseville, MI Culinary Arts School - Dorsey Schools


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