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sauces primerMost home cooks shy away from making the classic sauces because of the time and effort involved to prepare them.

Our Sauce Primer will try to help take the mystery out of sauce making and show you how simple it can be to create these same sauces at home using our More Than Gourmet line of products.

Many of the classic brown sauces start with the "mother sauce", Demi-Glace. What is it? How is it made? Why not just make it at home? There are dozens of classic sauces that can be created using Demi-Glace as the base. We have provided you a chart of these classic sauces which are broken down by catagory, then name, and then ingredients. 

Demi-Glace (DEHM-ee glahs), according to Auguste Escoffier who standardized sauce making back in the eary 20th century and was author of Le Guide Culinaire, a book still considered the authoriy on French cusine, is a rich brown sauce thickened with a roux and reduced to the consistency of a light syrup. More precisely, it is made by reducing Sauce Espagnole by 2/3's to a lightly syrupy consistency.

OK, so what is Sauce Espagnole? Sauce Espagnole is highly concentrated brown stock with added tomatoes bound with roux and reduced. The brown stock is made from a combination of veal and beef shanks. Sound easy so far?

For those of you who would like to make Demi-Glace at home, click here for a Demi-Glace recipe. For those of you who don't have the time or inclination to make it at home but still want to prepare classic sauces described on our Sauce Chart, you may be interested in More Than Gourmet's Demi-Glace Gold and Glace de Viande. 

Most professional chefs depend on stocks, glaces, and stock reductions for sauce making. A very important stock used as a base for sauces as well as soups and stews is chicken stock. For those of you who would like to make your own Glace de Poulet (Brown Chicken Stock) or Fond de Poulet (White Chicken Stock) please click here.

Another important stock used in most professional kitchens is Brown Stock. Because it is the base for making classic sauces like brown sauce, demi glace and glace de viande, professional chefs will always have some on hand. To learn more about Brown Stock and how to make it, Click Here.

How to make your own homemade Chicken Stock and Roasted (Brown) Chicken Stock

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