Stonewall Kitchens

Stonewall Kitchen’s reputation has been built by consistently creating items of the highest quality in the most exciting flavor profiles.

Stocking your pantry with these award-winning products lets you prepare incredible dishes with your own fresh ingredients and very little fuss.

We encourage you to shop for them the Stonewall Kitchen web site.

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

How can Stonewall Kitchen products help prepare sauces?

Using More Than Gourmet's Demi-Glace Gold, Jus de Poulet Li� Gold, and Veggie-Glace Gold as a base, try adding anyone of Stonewall Kitchen's products to create a unique sauce for pork loin, chicken breasts, lamb, or fish.

Or for a truly fantastic vegetarian sauce, just add a tablespoon or two to Veggie-Glace Gold to serve over roasted vegetables and couscous.

These products are yet another creative interpretation of old-time favorites.

Thanks once again to the founders of Stonewall Kitchen, two self-proclaimed "foodies" and gardening enthusiasts, for bringing us the best of their creative culinary expertise.



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